Its not everyday we get to sit down with a very successful mogul who has figured out their lane! Join us as we get an opportunity to chat with and get to know the Owner of 504 DYMES Magazine below!


“Behind the Lens: A Deep Dive into the World of C.E. Wiley” by Mr. No Offense

In the bustling world of magazine publishing, few characters are as multifaceted and compelling as C.E. Wiley, the dynamic force behind 504 DYMES MAGAZINE. With a firm belief in the power of authenticity and hard work, Wiley has carved out a unique space for himself in the industry, blending his passion for music with his talent for capturing striking visual narratives.

As I sat down to converse with Wiley, the depth of his musical influence quickly came to the fore. His voice lifts with excitement as he mentioned names like Steve Perry from Journey, James Brown, and Aretha Franklin. “These artists,” Wiley tells me, “played multiple instruments, wrote their own music, and were multi-talented. They truly defined the eras they were a part of.”

Wiley’s appreciation for music isn’t confined to the greats of the past. He has a deep-rooted respect for contemporary musicians such as Neil Sean and Steve Smith, and he speaks enthusiastically about their musicianship. The influence of these musical icons is evident in Wiley’s own creative process, a marriage of authenticity, passion, and hard work that reflects the ethos of the artists he admires.

But Wiley’s creative prowess expands beyond the realm of music. As the owner and publisher of 504 DYMES MAGAZINE, Wiley has made a significant impact in the publishing industry. His journey, however, was not without its challenges. “I was a little country guy trying to make it in the industry,” Wiley shares. “People like DJ K Slate and Keith Grayson mentored me, and their support was instrumental in my journey. Because of them, I was able to start shooting for different magazines.”

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504 Dymes Magazine: What’s Next?

His ambition for 504 Dimes is as clear as his passion for music. He plans to continually introduce new models and maintain the quarterly publication schedule. Wiley is also excited about blending different themes into his issues, such as last year’s ‘rainbow issue.’ “I want to bring more people in, on the level of getting published,” he asserts.

In his journey, Wiley has learned valuable lessons about resilience and creativity. “The most valuable skill I’ve learned is how to let negative energy go and how to replace it with positive energy that can create,” he tells me.

As our conversation drew to a close, I couldn’t help but admire the remarkable journey of C.E. Wiley. A musician, a publisher, and a visionary, Wiley embodies the spirit of resilience and creativity. His story serves as a testament to the power of passion and hard work, and his contributions to the music and publishing industries are truly noteworthy.

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