Your favorite gang is back for another Thursday!!! Catch the episode below!

Its THURSDAY!!!! That means The High Counsel is back for another week, and as always, we gone act a fool! Apart from funny clips and conversation, we touch on trending topics and of course we have to address the latest Diddy video. Tap in and bring a friend or two!!!! See you there!

The High Counsel

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Lani Mays – A No Offense Interview – May 18 2024

Its been a few months since we last chopped it up with Lani Mays, a multi-talented resident of South Florida, who is making his impact felt on multiple fronts.


Kicking it with Lani Mays

Lani is one of the artists we have really gotten to watch as he climbs the ranks in his career. For those that have been following the podcast from the beginning, we have watched Lani’s talents in multiple industries (Photography/Videography, Recording Artist, Model, Community Outreach, and Podcast host on The High Counsel) continue to evolve and mature. He has also dropped some new music recently, and will be dropping more soon! Tune in and join the conversation as we catch up on what Lani has been working on! #interview #NOPAWIE #LaniMays #podcast #podcastersofinstagram #Florida #Texas

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GMB CNOTE – A No Offense Interview – May 3 2024

Catch out 2024 follow up exclusive interview with GMB CNOTE below!

We catch up with GMB CNOTE for a follow up interview to find out how life has been since our last sit down, September 8 2021. When we spoke to him then, we spoke about The Saginaw Movie series he played in (Dizzy Bates). Since then CNOTE has played in at least 2 movies that are now available on Tubi, and his Music career is still flying high! Tune in to hear about the success the young King is having as he navigates his career!


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What makes a person a great “friend”?

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s almost undeniable that at times enjoying moments with others enhances the experience. When referring to those who were present at the creation of these memories we tend to describe them as “friends”, but what truly defines the term?

Multiethnic friends having fun on a holiday. Women enjoying vacation piggy riding on male friends.

As a boy, my parents used to remind me often,”Everyone is not your friend!”. Later in life, I realized the wisdom they were trying to teach me so young. Tough situations pressure those involved to evaluate relationships. Most times, and it’s definitely more prevalent in kids, the people who you spend the most time with, you do out of lack of choice.

Think about the classmates, family members, kids from the neighborhood, after school programs, and teammates. If you were given a choice of where to be in that time, can you honestly say you wouldn’t have been elsewhere? Would it stand to reason that these shared moments were results of happenstance with people you were in close proximity to at that particular time?

What about coworkers? Sure we all have our favorites, but how often is a natural friendship born in the workplace? Is it true friendship, or is there just some commonalities that you all may share due to having to perform the same duties and interact with the same people?

So how do your recognize a “friend”?

Now, think about some of the hardest experiences you have lived through and if you voluntarily positioned yourself to be there. Were there people there in those moments that you are still close with today? Have you shared more than one of these moments? This may be a real friend.

Do they get excited about your success and celebrate with you? Are they eager to introduce you and the services you provide to others? Do they always have an encouraging word when you need it? Do they make you feel valued and appreciated?

Or do they rarely show up when you need them? Dp they make mean statements and laugh it off as a joke? Are they always putting doubt into every situation or idea you mention? These are signs that you should take note of as they happen.

A “friendship” should be a mutually beneficial relationship. The benefits don’t always have to be instantly gratified, either. As long as both parties are able to introduce positive growth, communication, nourishment of self, and room to discover the best versions of all involved, then the arrangement may result in a solid friendship.

One thing that cannot be denied is the fact that true, sincere friendship is rare, and not easily discovered, or replaced. So if you should stumble upon one, treat it carefully, as some may never find it all.

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No Offense Magazine Spring 2024

Here it is! The Spring 2024 issue of No Offense Magazine featuring Leah Star, The No Offense Network Spokesmodel, on the cover. This issue sheds light on a various persons of interest in different states, as well as a qr code to watch the full interviews. We hope you enjoy!

Click the cover below to view the magazine:

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about these amazing individuals inside including Leah Star!

Physical copies can be purchased here.

Meet Thomas Smarts: The Independent Music Producer Shaping the Swedish Hip Hop Scene

It’s been a minute since we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with someone outside the country on The No Offense Podcast, but today we are in luck. Not only do we get to talk with the talented Thomas Smarts, but we get to do so as he is live in Sweden!

Swedish music has always been a force to reckon with on the global stage, from ABBA to Avicii. Today, we spotlight a rising star in this musical nation’s firmament – Thomas Smarts, an independent music producer who’s making waves in the hip-hop scene.

A Musical Household Shaped an Artist

Thomas Smarts is no stranger to music. Born into a musical family, he was naturally drawn to the world of rhythm and melody. “My father loved reggae, and my brother is an opera singer,” shares Thomas. This diverse range of musical influences has shaped his unique sound as a producer and artist.

From Producer to Performing Artist

At a tender age of 15, Thomas started his journey as a music producer. He worked with various artists in Sweden before deciding to transition into writing and performing his own music. “I produced a lot of artists here in Sweden, and then I started writing myself,” Thomas explains. His authentic and relatable tracks have resonated with a broad audience, both locally and internationally.

Thomas Smarts

The Power of Independence

In an industry often dominated by major record labels, Thomas champions the cause of independent artists. He values the control over his work and revenue streams that independence affords him. “So basically, for me talking to other artists, I think it’s better to go independent. Independent is the best way to go,” he asserts.

Harnessing the Power of Technology for Music Distribution

As an advocate for independent artists, Thomas recommends platforms like DistroKid for music distribution. These platforms allow artists to track and manage their earnings directly, bypassing the need for a major record label. “DistroKid… if you want to get your music out to various streaming services, that’s the way to go,” advises Thomas.

A Book Deal in the Works

Adding another feather to his cap, Thomas is currently working on a book about his life story. He hopes to set the record straight on his contributions to hip hop music in Sweden. “I’m soon finished with it and just [need to] get that book deal and everybody’s going to learn about the truth,” reveals Thomas.

What’t Next for Thomas? A Vision for the Future

Thomas has big plans for the future. He intends to continue producing music and exploring different genres such as house music and electronic dance music. Thomas is a firm believer in the importance of progress and innovation in music creation. “I think it’s a natural state that we try to progress and try to create new stuff just to keep it fresh and try to keep it interesting for the listener also to hear,” he shares.

A Voice that Resonates

Thomas Smarts is a testament to the power of authenticity and independence in music. His journey from a music-loving household in Sweden to becoming a respected independent artist and producer underscores his talent and determination. As he continues to shape the Swedish hip hop scene, we can only anticipate what Thomas Smarts will bring to the table next.

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It’s Thursday again! That means your favorite gang is back!!!

This week on The High Counsel We discuss DJ Akademic’s new lawsuit, whether we under appreciate cell phone minutes, what temperatures are ideal for which situations in the house, and more. As always, we invite you to join the conversation in the chat, or by leaving comments at the bottom of the page.

The High Counsel

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Guess what day it is? ! That’s Right! Every Thursday brings a new episode of the infamous The HIgh Counsel Podcast! Catch the show below!

Is “Beef” the hottest commodity in Hip Hop right now? It seems to be this way, as many artists have chosen to take the current climate of Hip Hop and use it to as a battleground! As always, we got laughs for you, so tune in and join the conversation!

The High Counsel

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GMB CNOTE – A No Offense Interview – May 3 2024


Guess what day it is?!!

This week has us in a state of “Euphoria”. I wonder why? Is there something other than clever wordplay in the air? I think today its only right we bring it to circle for discussion. The biggest question of the night being one thing only:

The High Counsel - Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar


Some are saying this Hip Hop resembles the Hip Hop that inspired what would become some of the most iconic disses in its history. Tracks such as Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline” , Biggie Small’s “Who Shot Ya?” and 2Pac’s “Hit Em Up” have set a tone when it comes to “swinging” in these Heavyweight Events! Tune in tonight as we give the artists our Card Reviews!

The High Counsel

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Every Thursday brings your favorite gang together!

This week on the The High Counsel we’ve got MarleyGee joining us, filling in the PresPeach! We are going over the lates in the Diddy case (including the latest Jaguar Wright interviews and revelations) , Hip Hop’s current Beef Stew (The fall of the last Migo), Soulja Boi offers to buy TikTok to keep it accessible in the US, and more!

The High Counsel

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The High Counsel – April 18 2024

Guess what day it is? Your favorite gang is back for another Thursday night mischief. Tune in below!

This week The High Counsel discusses Rick Ross coins Drake “BBL Drizzy” and Drake gives the same energy to Kendrick Lamar, GloRilla gets hit with a DUI, NBA YoungBoy gets hit with Prescription Fraud and Gun Charges, and Red Lobster says its prepared to file Bankruptcy. Could this be the end of the Cheddar Biscuits?

The High Counsel

Also in the spirit of 420 you know we gotta celebrate and talk about the weird ways people get high! Tune and join tonights conversation!

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Is Beef (Diss Records) Reviving HipHop?

Looks like “beefing” has once again ignited the competition in HipHop. The latest to take advantage of this trend is is the collection known as “The Big 3”, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J Cole. But they aren’t the only ones…

The Big 3 beef
Image may be subject to copywrite. Image Source: Twitter

The biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far has also threw his hat into the ring. Huh!

Rick Ross
Image may be subject to copywrite. Image Source: Twitter

Direct or Indirect? That is the question….

So what qualifies an artist the right to initiate a “beef”? Certainly just being mentioned in someone’s lyrics, directly or indirectly, can’t immediately pull you into the world of rude, often very disrespectful, lyrical displays of humiliation, or can it?

When it comes to the disrespect, there are levels. Ultimately, I believe whichever artists is willing to swing the lowest is the victor. Dissing comes in many forms. Some artists feel if the track doesn’t specifically mention a name, then it’s just hot air. Others apply ingenuity in their approach, using clever metaphors and similes to vividly immerse the listener into the vocal assassinations.

Beef = $$$?

Either way, one thing cannot be denied: it grabs the attention of music listeners everywhere. It appears to be a catalyst of conversations everywhere, with fans debating the technical details of each “response”, who won, and why the winner deserves the crown.

Historically, even in HipHop’s young age, there have been times that beefs have gone violent. Not that human beings need additional reasons to commit atrocities to each other, there have been instances where some have lost their lives due to perceived sneak disses, sensitive reveals of confidential information, and at times, just repeating lyrics and not knowing the meaning behind them.

Thankfully there are other beefs that have been resolved after some time. Once squashed, most fans would agree the result of the initial misunderstanding itself, was some amazing music. At times, some fans were introduced to artists due to fact their favorite artist was dissing the other person, or vice versa. I actually started to listening to Gucci Mane back in the day due to the beef he had with Young Jeezy.

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What makes a person a great “friend”?

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The Advantage of Being the Underdog

Have you ever been severely underestimated? At times it can almost feel like an insult. For people to assume that you possess less than what it takes to get the job done can be a disappointing interaction, if you allow it to bring your confidence to a low level. But did you know there is an advantage to being the underdog?

cute chihuahua sitting in a super hero costume outside

When people underestimate you, they put themselves at a disadvantage, especially if there is no proof to back up their beliefs. But what makes them jump to this conclusion? It goes without saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, and by them doing this they already open the door for you to blow them out of the water. Here’s how to do it.

If they believe you are dumb, play dumb. If they set the expectation that they don’t expect you to complete the mission well, act as if you are really struggling. Make sure your results speak for themselves, and correct their expectations. Many times, if people truly believe you don’t get the concept, they are willing to dedicate more time to making sure you understand, allowing you to see the extent of their knowledge. Once you have a solid grasps of the expected results, be sure to exceed them.

In this instance, you will look like a fast, eager learner. By the time they understand your level of comprehension, they will have already realized their mistake. The underdog would have become the champion!

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What makes a person a great “friend”?

Greatness in the Making! Standing on Business!

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