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Shawn K the King

Catch our exclusive interview with Shawn K the King of Louisiana below:


The Shawn K the King Article can be read below as it appears in No Offense Magazine Fall 2023:

Gaming and Content Creation: A Conversation with Shawn K the King

In the ever-evolving world of gaming and content creation, one name stands out: Shawn K the King. With his passion for gaming, dedication to creating captivating content, and a knack for discovering hidden indie gems, King has become a prominent figure in the gaming community. In a recent podcast, King sat down for an in-depth conversation about his gaming journey, content creation process, and the challenges he faced along the way. Join us as we delve into the highlights of this insightful discussion.

One aspect that sets King apart is his ability to unearth and showcase indie games that often go unnoticed. He shared that his inspiration came from group chats and online communities where gamers discuss their favorite titles. This networking allowed him to receive game copies for review, giving exposure to developers who otherwise struggled to gain recognition. King’s dedication to supporting indie developers is commendable, as he recognizes the importance of giving them a chance to shine.

King’s content creation journey began on TikTok, where he found inspiration from fellow content creator Patrick Cloud. He started by reacting to funny videos, eventually transitioning to uploading daily content on his YouTube channel. With a focus on variety gaming, King explained that his research and understanding of what’s trending and popular within the gaming community help him curate content that resonates with his audience. His unique style, humor, and ability to unlock nostalgic memories have contributed to his growing popularity.

The conversation also delved into the challenges faced by content creators on platforms like YouTube. King highlighted the importance of dedication, consistency, and delivering content that captures the interest of viewers. He emphasized the need to build credibility and knowledge within the gaming community to establish oneself as a reliable source of information. With the recent milestone of reaching 100,000 subscribers, King’s commitment and hard work have paid off, earning him well-deserved recognition.

King’s passion for gaming shines through as he shared his experiences with different games, particularly highlighting his love for retro games and RPGs. He discussed his immersive gameplay in the Resident Evil series, where he would turn off the lights and use smoke bombs to simulate the intense atmosphere. King’s dedication to experiencing games to the fullest is evident, making his playthroughs and tutorials a must-watch for any gaming enthusiast.

Shawn K the King’s conversation provides a glimpse into the world of gaming and content creation. His passion, dedication, and ability to discover and showcase indie games have garnered him a dedicated following. King’s journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators, highlighting the importance of research, consistency, and authenticity in building a successful career. As we eagerly await his future projects and collaborations, one thing is certain – Shawn K the King is a force to be reckoned with in the gaming community.

Kendrick “Ju” Murray

Catch our exclusive interview with Ju Murray of TX below:


The Kendrick “Ju” Murray Interview can be found below as it appears in No Offense Magazine Summer 2023:

Let The Work Do The Talking  – An Interview with Ju Murray of Creative Krew, LLC.

For those who are familiar with Kendrick Murray, also known as Ju, they can all agree on one thing in particular, even if they have never met: He ain’t going to say much, but he will get the job done!

“Im not much of a talker,” he explains in our sit-down one-on-one, “and I would rather be behind the camera, than in front of it.” The latter is actually one of the easiest behaviors to spot if you are trying to tell the difference between Ju and his identical twin brother, who is known as Blacc Benni, an up-and-coming Texas lyricist. So, as you can see, being involved in the arts, runs in the family.

So how was growing up with an identical twin? Studies show the odds of this phenomenon occurring every 3 to 4 times in every 1000 births, worldwide. I couldn’t help myself. I had to ask the question. You know the question. Did they ever pull a “Parent Trap”- like switch? “We used to switch classes. I would take a test for him, or him for me. My mom used to dress us the same, and no one could tell us apart,” he laughs. “It was cool at first because I could get away with stuff, he would get away with stuff….People would walk up to us and have a whole conversation, and we wouldn’t know what they were talking about because they were under the impression they were speaking to the other brother.” As they grew into their own, they started to personalize their appearance, as well as embrace their differences. 

Although both are tech-savvy, Ju has a calling when it comes to creative artistry. It’s apparent in his designs, whether hand-drawn or digital. Over the years, he has worked to develop his skill, eventually turning it into a service, Judigitalworks.com.  His work has been featured in a museum, as well as published as he is the creator of the No Offense Magazine cover for Black History Month, February 2023.   

“I went to Andrew College, a junior college in Georgia. I actually got a scholarship by drawing. Then I actually drew again, for my brother, and he got a scholarship as well, so we both had the scholarships. But we were young. I wasn’t prepared for it. The first year was rough, and I ended up dropping out and joining the military (Air Force). But I’ve been in art my whole life. My mother draws. I kind of pulled it from her, took it, and ran with it. Being that I’m an ‘IT (Information Technology) guy’, learning new programs come easily to me. So I took that and put it together, and came up with what I do.”

What he came up with was Creative Krew, LLC, the company and brand that Ju owns and works under. “We strive to be the best at everything. We want everything to be top-notch.” Quality is a requirement, and he makes sure nothing leaves to be delivered to a client without it.  His ability to create and visualize a design, and then transfer that design to a medium we all can see is remarkable to say the least. Ju describes his process when working with a client in detail, which you can see in our interview being released the same day as this issue, and by scanning the QR code at the end of the article.

It doesn’t just stop at the pen though. As mentioned previously, Ju knows his way around a camera. Not only is he certified in Cannon Photography, but he is the director behind many music videos shot In his area. In addition to his brother, Blacc Benni, Ju has worked with upcoming artists such as Cartel Zeke and Chris Garza along with many others, to bring their vision to life. It has gotten him a reputation of exceeding expectations, as well as brought plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his skill. His cover art concepts have helped many artists present their music on digital streaming platforms, social media, and other distribution outlets. 

There is no doubt about it: Ju is headed for greatness and is already well on his way. If not working diligently to complete a project or spending time with his beautiful family, Ju can most likely be found in the gym. It’s no secret that “Ju” and “Gym” go together like “cereal” and “milk”. The consistency he applies to his routine is the same consistency he instills in his work, and is making him a household name, one project at a time. 

It is an honor to call Ju a member of The No Offense Network and he is certainly a very valuable member of the team. This is why he has made the cover of this issue, and we look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of this talented, but also skilled, entrepreneur. Here’s to you, Ju!

K-Rino: The Wizard

Catch our exclusive interview with Legendary American Rapper and Record Producer K-Rino of Texas below:


The K-Rino Article can be found below as it appears in No Offense Magazine Fall 2023:

K-Rino and the South Park Coalition: A Journey of Creativity, Ethics, and Growth

In a recent interview, K-Rino, a prominent figure in the music industry, sat down with an interviewer from No Offense Magazine to discuss his career, the South Park Coalition, and his thoughts on the future of the music industry. This insightful conversation shed light on various aspects of K-Rino’s journey, including his artistic process, his commitment to ethical values, and his continuous growth as an artist. Let’s delve into the details of this captivating interview and explore the key takeaways.

One of the fascinating highlights from the interview was the origin story of the South Park Coalition (SPC). K-Rino explained that the name was inspired by a neighborhood in Houston called South Park, to which he added “Coalition” after coming across the word in a book. Little did he know that this simple combination would eventually become a global phenomenon, resonating with people from different generations. K-Rino expressed gratitude for the unexpected success of the SPC and emphasized the beauty of different generations connecting through their shared knowledge and love for the music.

I posed a thought-provoking question about how K-Rino has managed to maintain his ethical values throughout his career, especially in the face of evolving musical trends. K-Rino responded by emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and continually striving to be innovative. He acknowledged the need to stay informed about current trends but also stressed the significance of staying grounded in one’s passion for the art form. He compared it to playing basketball, where love for the game always comes first, and any financial success that follows is secondary. K-Rino also discussed the ongoing process of learning and adapting to the ever-changing business and technological aspects of the music industry.

The interview touched upon the challenge of remaining authentic while being open to critique. K-Rino shared valuable insights gained from his years of experience, cautioning against becoming too complacent due to early praise. He highlighted the importance of being aware that not everyone will appreciate an artist’s work, and learning how to handle criticism gracefully. He advised against engaging in arguments with fans, as it is a battle that cannot be won and only diminishes one’s own stature. K-Rino emphasized the necessity of embracing growth, both creatively and personally, and encouraged younger artists to learn about the business side of the industry early on.


The interview concluded with a discussion about K-Rino’s aspirations for the future. He expressed a desire to witness artists’ growth in their understanding of the impact their music has on others. K-Rino called for a shift towards writing more meaningful and positive content that uplifts listeners, rather than glorifying negative and degenerative lifestyles. He emphasized that this transition would not only lead to personal growth but also grant artists more control over their artistic direction and independence. K-Rino acknowledged the resistance from industry heads who may prefer a different agenda but stressed the importance of staying true to one’s values.

The interview with K-Rino provided valuable insights into the journey of an artist who has remained steadfast in his commitment to creativity, ethics, and growth. Through his experiences with the South Park Coalition and his personal evolution, K-Rino has emerged as a mentor figure, sharing wisdom with younger artists and encouraging them to embrace their unique voices while navigating the challenges of the music industry. As we reflect on this interview, we are reminded of the power of art to inspire, connect, and shape the world in profound ways.

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Hershe Da Lyricist

Catch our exclusive interview with Hershe Da Lyricist from Houston, TX below:


Read the Hershe Da Lyricist Article below as it appears in No Offense Magazine Fall 2023:

Hershe Da Lyricist: A Journey of Music, Inspiration, and Impact

In a recent interview, we had the pleasure of getting to know Hershe Da Lyricist, a talented artist making waves in the Houston music scene. With a passion for storytelling and a knack for delivering powerful lyrics, Hershe brings a refreshing perspective to the rap game. From her early Days signed to Dal Records to her reemergence as an independent artist, Hershe’s journey has been filled with experiences that have shaped her music and message. In this article, we delve into her artistic journey, aspirations, and the impact she hopes to make with her music.

Hershe Da Lyricist’s musical journey began in 1997 when she was signed to Dal Records. Though the financial success may not have been immediate, Hershe acknowledges the importance of this opportunity in shaping her career. It provided her with a platform to express herself and laid the founDation for her love of music.

After seven years with Dal Records, Hershe took a step back from the music industry. However, she felt a need to return and contribute something meaningful to the rap genre. Hershe recognized a lack of balance in the current music landscape, with an oversaturation of explicit content overshadowing the potential for uplifting and inspiring messages. She aimed to fill this void by creating music that celebrates the beauty and importance of black men, while also addressing societal issues.

Hershe’s freestyles and lyrics have gained recognition for their authenticity and substance. Her music has allowed her opportunities to open up for Rah Diggah, Mike Jones (who?), Havoc, and Too Short to name a few. Her commitment to creating content that resonates with listeners is evident in her approach to music. With a focus on good content and meaningful storytelling, Hershe believes that artists should strive to bring a balance between entertainment and inspiration. She emphasizes the need for marketing efforts to support and promote artists who create music with a positive message.

Looking ahead, Hershe Da Lyricist has ambitious plans for her music career. Apart from continuing to make feel-good music, she hopes to venture into acting and release the sequel to her acclaimed book, “Rolling Stone.” Additionally, Hershe plans to publish a series of children’s books, showcasing her versatility as an artist beyond the music realm.

Hershe also welcomes collaborations with other artists, considering herself the “feature Queen.” She encourages aspiring artists to reach out to her via email (Hershe ydelirious@gmail.com) for potential collaborations. By working together, Hershe believes that artists can create impactful music that resonates with a wider audience.

To sum it up, Hershe Da Lyricist is an artist who aims to make a difference in the music industry. Through her thought-provoking lyrics and commitment to authenticity, she brings a unique perspective to the rap genre. With her upcoming performance at the “unite to ignite explosion” event and plans for future projects, Hershe continues to inspire and uplift her audience. As we anticipate the next chapter in her musical journey, it is clear that Hershe Da Lyricist is an artist to watch out for.

SAB’s Candy Shop

Catch our exclusive interview with SAB’s Candy Shop of Harlingen, TX below:


The SAB’s Candy Shop Article can be found below as it appears in No Offense Magazine Fall 2023:

Sab’s Candy Shop: A Sweet Journey to Success

In our recent sit down, the founders of Sab’s Candy Shop shared their inspiring story of how they turned their once small idea, into a successful business. From humble beginnings, they have grown their shop into a local favorite, offering a wide range of delicious treats. Let’s dive into their journey and discover the secrets behind their sweet success.

Samantha, Adam, and Bryon grew up in a financially challenging environment and wanted to help their parents with bills. In 2014, at the ages of 13, 12, and 9 respectively, they started selling chips and candy from their yard sale. This initial venture allowed them to make some money and motivated them to explore further opportunities. When asked about their childhood. Samantha mentions her love for writing poetry and Adam, his passion for drawing.

The trio realized that there was a gap in the market, as ice cream trucks rarely passed by their neighborhood. This inspired them to offer unique and enticing treats to the community. They began by selling popular snacks like hot cheese, pop scoops, and pickle shots, catering to local events and parties. Their dedication and hard work paid off, and their customer base started to grow.

To set themselves apart from competitors, Samantha, Adam, and Bryon introduced their own twist to the candy and snack offerings. They started by experimenting with different flavors, such as the popular Ferroro Rocher and the hot Cheeto club sandwich. Their creativity and willingness to try new combinations helped them develop a menu that stood out from the rest. They also emphasized that experimentation and trial and error played a significant role in developing their fantastic flavors, some of which have become fan favorites.

Over time, Sab’s Candy Shop has expanded its menu to include a wide variety of snacks and treats. As of July 11, 2023, Sab’s celebrates 5 years its been partnered and certified with Gushers, and that’s a story in itself! Check out the QR code at the end of the article to get the scoop, no pun intended! Samantha, Adam, and Bryon continue to innovate and introduce new creations. The shop has become a bustling hub, attracting customers throughout the day, from the moment they open until closing time. Their loyal customer base is a testament to the quality and uniqueness of their offerings.

Looking ahead, Samantha, Adam, and Bryon have big dreams for Sab’s Candy Shop. They are considering franchising opportunities, both locally and internationally, to expand their brand. They aim to reach a wider audience and share their passion for delicious treats with people beyond their community. Additionally, they offer shipping options for those who want to experience their mouthwatering creations but can’t visit the shop in person.

In conclusion, Sab’s Candy Shop is a true success story, born out of a desire to help their family and a passion for candy. Samantha, Adam, and Bryon’s dedication and entrepreneurial spirit have transformed their small candy-selling venture into a thriving business. With their unique flavors, extensive menu, and plans for expansion, Sab’s Candy Shop continues to delight customers and make a mark in the industry. Whether you’re a local or from afar, make sure to visit Sab’s Candy Shop and indulge in their delectable treats.


Catch our exclusive interview with Shar’Ron of Texas below.


Shar’Ron: An Independent Soul Singing Her Life’s Journey

In the realm of independent music, the road to success is a serpentine path, filled with obstacles, challenges, and endless lessons. This journey has been embraced by the indomitable spirit that is Shar’Ron, an artist who has found her voice echoing the stories of her life through her music. In a recent interview, Shar’Ron shared insights into her musical journey, her inspirations, and her vision.

Shar’Ron’s musical influences are as diverse as they are classic. The list reads like a roll call of music legends: Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Tank, and Summer Walker. Drawn to old school R&B, she finds inspiration in their rich storytelling – a tradition she follows in her own music.

The path to songwriting was an organic one for Shar’Ron. Encouraged by a friend, she discovered that she could create an entire song from a single hook she had sung. This revelation came in San Antonio, Texas, a place that introduced her to the music industry and a vibrant community of musicians.

Shar’Ron’s music is more than just a creative outlet; it’s an opportunity to share her narrative. “I want to tell you my story,” she says, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and connection in her music. She believes in creating music that matters and resonates with listeners on a profound level.

In the world of independent music, Shar’Ron has learned the importance of self-reliance. When asked about her thoughts on signing with a big label, she was clear: she prefers to remain independent. She understands the significance of marketing her music and has received advice from other artists about the necessity of self-promotion.

Shar’Ron’s vision for her future performances reflects her dedication to fellow artists. She dreams of hosting a big show for local R&B artists, providing a platform for those with stories to tell and music to share.

Shar’Ron also mentioned her excitement about her upcoming projects. Working with her producer and engineer, DJ Banks, she anticipates releasing new music soon, which includes songs titled “Paradise” and “It’s My Time.”

The journey of Shar’Ron is a testament to the power of an independent artist with a vision. Her dedication to her craft, her commitment to authenticity, and her love for storytelling through music makes her a unique voice in the world of R&B. In her words and her music, Shar’Ron reminds us that every artist is not just a performer but a storyteller, weaving narratives of their experiences, their dreams, and their truth. As she continues her musical journey, Shar’Ron is an artist to watch, a singer with a story to tell.

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