Best Gaming Deals of the Christmas Season

While the Christmas season is Filled with Joy, Love, and Endearment for our family and friends, NO OFFENSE but sometimes we need a break from our lives to escape and get some gaming in, and with the state of our economy and inflation… games are not cheap and neither is anything else, So check out these gaming sales and take advantage of these deals while you can!

Starting off with Xbox. They have the latest Xbox Series X Console on the Walmart Website for 349$ as opposed to buying it directly from Microsoft for now 399$, coming down from the original price point of 499$. This is a great time to get one of these mini fridge looking consoles!

As for Video games! The Xbox Store is having a huge sale on games with some Triple A Titles to Small indie games at some of the lowest prices you will see all year.

Here are some of my recommendations.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III69.99$ 48.99$,
With the Vault Edition Going from 99.99$ 79.99$.

Madden NFL 2469.99$ 27.99$

Elden Ring 59.99$ 35.99$

if you have missed out on any Xbox games this year, get them at a great price now! Game sale Ending 1/2/2024

Right now, most new Disc Edition Ps5’s are still at the price point of 500$ but GameStop has them on their website (new) for 449$ not as big as a drop as the Xbox consoles but hopefully next year they will follow Microsoft and drop them down to 400$.

onto the games! Playstation also has a game sale going on! Here are some recommendations.

God of War: Ragnarök69.99$ 39.89$

Hogwarts Legacy 69.99$ 34.99$

NBA 2K24 Kobe Bryant Edition 69.99$ 34.99$

If you have a Playstation, get them cheap games!
Game Sale Ending 1/6/2024

Now for PC gaming, it seems like every major platform is having a sale as well! Except for the gaming industry standard “Steam” while it has some small games on sale as usual, it doesn’t look like they are advertising a holiday sale like the other platforms,

Epic Games is Having a Huge and Generous Sale!
with new free games available daily, a 33% off coupon on any purchase over 15$ and In-game content Giveaways. is also having a sale, with Call of duty going for the same price as the xbox and playstation sales and some world of warcraft cosmetics going for fractions of their original price, it’s hard not to ignore this sale!

No matter what platform you are on, i hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Happy Gaming and Happy Holidays – PresPeach

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