Movie Review: The Beekeeper

Review: Some “Bee-S”

Release Date: January 12, 2024

To begin with, as a Jason Statham fan, I was extremely disappointed in this movie. Certain names in the industry set an expectation, and with Statham’s, you expect action. The movie has some nice special effects at times, and it would be a complete robbery if they didnt include any fight scenes considering the star. But I cant shake the feeling that this general storyline is played out. It’s almost as if Jason is a box. Looking over the movies he’s played in (Transporter series, Crank, Furious 7), its almost as if you get the feeling of “Here we go again” as he hits the screen.

Full disclosure: I dont think its his fault. The movie just wasnt up to par with previous action movies. Even the trailers in the beginning gave nothing to look forward to.

This movie felt like a John Wick reject, and thats me using the nicest reference I could find. I saw the movie with discounted tickets thanks to a T-Mobile Tuesdays promotion, and I want my $5 back.

I guarantee you can find better ways to waste money then coming to see this disappointment, but that’s just my opinion, No Offense!

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