Catch our exclusive interview with OEZ of Tampa, FL below:


As the lights dimmed and the buzz of anticipation filled the air, OEZ, the independent recording artist, stepped into the spotlight. His captivating presence and the raw energy he brought into the room were undeniable. As the interviewer, I had the pleasure of delving into the world of this multifaceted artist, whose unique approach to music is shaking up the industry.

Born and raised in the heart of the hood, OEZ’s music echoes the raw emotion and aggressive authenticity of his past. He doesn’t just rap; his lyrics tell stories, painting vivid images of his life experiences. Yet, OEZ is far from a one-note artist. He also sings, his voice weaving a tapestry of emotions that resonate deeply with his listeners.

OEZ’s music isn’t the only thing that sets him apart. There’s a strong influence of old-school rock music in his work. From Metallica and Motorhead to Queen, the rock legends of yesteryears have shaped his sound and style in more ways than one. It’s a blend of genres that’s as rare as it is refreshing.

Beyond his skills as a performer, OEZ is also a producer. He records, engineers, and mixes his own songs, ensuring that every beat, every note, every word aligns with his artistic vision. This hands-on approach to his craft is a testament to his commitment to delivering high-quality music.

With a keen eye for fashion, OEZ has also founded a clothing line, DARK, an acronym for Damaged Artists of a Rare Kind. The name speaks volumes about his appreciation for the unconventional, the unique, and the artistically bold.

When asked about his future plans, OEZ’s eyes light up with ambition. He’s not just aiming for fame; he’s striving for a lasting impact. He expressed a desire to collaborate with a miscellany of artists, from local talents to established names. He also spoke about his interest in creating music videos and his search for the right videographer who could bring his vision to life.

OEZ’s music is available on multiple platforms, including his SoundCloud account, where he shares raw and uncut freestyle content. With mixtapes and singles already under his belt, he’s continuously creating and sharing, inviting his listeners into his world.

As our conversation drew to a close, one thing was clear: OEZ is an artist to watch. With his unique style, diverse talents, and unwavering commitment to his craft, he is carving a niche for himself in the music industry. His journey is a testament to the power of authenticity and the magic that happens when you dare to be different. As he continues to make waves, OEZ is not just telling his story; he’s also inspiring others to find their voice and tell their own.

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