Meet Thomas Smarts: The Independent Music Producer Shaping the Swedish Hip Hop Scene

It’s been a minute since we’ve had the pleasure of speaking with someone outside the country on The No Offense Podcast, but today we are in luck. Not only do we get to talk with the talented Thomas Smarts, but we get to do so as he is live in Sweden!

Swedish music has always been a force to reckon with on the global stage, from ABBA to Avicii. Today, we spotlight a rising star in this musical nation’s firmament – Thomas Smarts, an independent music producer who’s making waves in the hip-hop scene.

A Musical Household Shaped an Artist

Thomas Smarts is no stranger to music. Born into a musical family, he was naturally drawn to the world of rhythm and melody. “My father loved reggae, and my brother is an opera singer,” shares Thomas. This diverse range of musical influences has shaped his unique sound as a producer and artist.

From Producer to Performing Artist

At a tender age of 15, Thomas started his journey as a music producer. He worked with various artists in Sweden before deciding to transition into writing and performing his own music. “I produced a lot of artists here in Sweden, and then I started writing myself,” Thomas explains. His authentic and relatable tracks have resonated with a broad audience, both locally and internationally.

Thomas Smarts

The Power of Independence

In an industry often dominated by major record labels, Thomas champions the cause of independent artists. He values the control over his work and revenue streams that independence affords him. “So basically, for me talking to other artists, I think it’s better to go independent. Independent is the best way to go,” he asserts.

Harnessing the Power of Technology for Music Distribution

As an advocate for independent artists, Thomas recommends platforms like DistroKid for music distribution. These platforms allow artists to track and manage their earnings directly, bypassing the need for a major record label. “DistroKid… if you want to get your music out to various streaming services, that’s the way to go,” advises Thomas.

A Book Deal in the Works

Adding another feather to his cap, Thomas is currently working on a book about his life story. He hopes to set the record straight on his contributions to hip hop music in Sweden. “I’m soon finished with it and just [need to] get that book deal and everybody’s going to learn about the truth,” reveals Thomas.

What’t Next for Thomas? A Vision for the Future

Thomas has big plans for the future. He intends to continue producing music and exploring different genres such as house music and electronic dance music. Thomas is a firm believer in the importance of progress and innovation in music creation. “I think it’s a natural state that we try to progress and try to create new stuff just to keep it fresh and try to keep it interesting for the listener also to hear,” he shares.

A Voice that Resonates

Thomas Smarts is a testament to the power of authenticity and independence in music. His journey from a music-loving household in Sweden to becoming a respected independent artist and producer underscores his talent and determination. As he continues to shape the Swedish hip hop scene, we can only anticipate what Thomas Smarts will bring to the table next.

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