“Grand Theft Auto VI” Trailer Announcement!

For the last few years or so, there have been many leaks and speculation of when the next long-awaited addition to the Grand Theft Auto Series would be announced.

Finally, after almost 10 years since “Grand Theft Auto V” was released, Developers “Rockstar Games” seem to be giving us an early Christmas present with the X announcement of the first trailer and first look at “Grand Theft Auto VI” Coming This Tuesday, December 5th.

What features can Rockstar add to keep people interested in their new game? New Ways To Design Cars? Gun Modifications? Crossplay?
They have had people waiting for years, Let’s hope this Trailer lives up to its hype.

This Trailer comes just months after Rockstar announced their Public Partnership with CFX.re in August 2023.
CFX.re is the team behind FIVEM, a wildly popular program used to mod and create custom servers and cites for the game “Grand Theft Auto V”.
with this whole new team of talented Developers and Modders now working officially with Rockstar, the possibilities seem endless.

The No Offense network will keep you updated with all the latest updates and features that we see when the trailer is released, and be on the lookout for future gaming news and content coming to the NON!
Comment below with what features you would like to see the most!

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