Official Grand Theft Auto VI Reveal Trailer!


The Long-Awaited Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer has been dropped a day earlier than expected. The game is now set for a 2025 release!

We are getting our first female protagonist along with her partner in crime! Could this possibly mean a co-op campaign? or will we switch from character-to-character like in GTA V with Trevor, Franklin, And Micheal?

From the trailer it seems like we could get a new phone system and possibly a tiktok-esque application in-game, with the new Developers from, this is a giant possibility. as there are many Working Social Media clones in modded games of FIVEM.

It seem’s like we could be heading to Back to Vice City & More locations.
It also looks like we are getting more animal’s and can assume it will be in Florida from the short clip of an alligator walking into a convenience store

What catches your eye in this trailer? What are you most excited for?

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