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The Kendrick “Ju” Murray Interview can be found below as it appears in No Offense Magazine Summer 2023:

Let The Work Do The Talking  – An Interview with Ju Murray of Creative Krew, LLC.

For those who are familiar with Kendrick Murray, also known as Ju, they can all agree on one thing in particular, even if they have never met: He ain’t going to say much, but he will get the job done!

“Im not much of a talker,” he explains in our sit-down one-on-one, “and I would rather be behind the camera, than in front of it.” The latter is actually one of the easiest behaviors to spot if you are trying to tell the difference between Ju and his identical twin brother, who is known as Blacc Benni, an up-and-coming Texas lyricist. So, as you can see, being involved in the arts, runs in the family.

So how was growing up with an identical twin? Studies show the odds of this phenomenon occurring every 3 to 4 times in every 1000 births, worldwide. I couldn’t help myself. I had to ask the question. You know the question. Did they ever pull a “Parent Trap”- like switch? “We used to switch classes. I would take a test for him, or him for me. My mom used to dress us the same, and no one could tell us apart,” he laughs. “It was cool at first because I could get away with stuff, he would get away with stuff….People would walk up to us and have a whole conversation, and we wouldn’t know what they were talking about because they were under the impression they were speaking to the other brother.” As they grew into their own, they started to personalize their appearance, as well as embrace their differences. 

Although both are tech-savvy, Ju has a calling when it comes to creative artistry. It’s apparent in his designs, whether hand-drawn or digital. Over the years, he has worked to develop his skill, eventually turning it into a service,  His work has been featured in a museum, as well as published as he is the creator of the No Offense Magazine cover for Black History Month, February 2023.   

“I went to Andrew College, a junior college in Georgia. I actually got a scholarship by drawing. Then I actually drew again, for my brother, and he got a scholarship as well, so we both had the scholarships. But we were young. I wasn’t prepared for it. The first year was rough, and I ended up dropping out and joining the military (Air Force). But I’ve been in art my whole life. My mother draws. I kind of pulled it from her, took it, and ran with it. Being that I’m an ‘IT (Information Technology) guy’, learning new programs come easily to me. So I took that and put it together, and came up with what I do.”

What he came up with was Creative Krew, LLC, the company and brand that Ju owns and works under. “We strive to be the best at everything. We want everything to be top-notch.” Quality is a requirement, and he makes sure nothing leaves to be delivered to a client without it.  His ability to create and visualize a design, and then transfer that design to a medium we all can see is remarkable to say the least. Ju describes his process when working with a client in detail, which you can see in our interview being released the same day as this issue, and by scanning the QR code at the end of the article.

It doesn’t just stop at the pen though. As mentioned previously, Ju knows his way around a camera. Not only is he certified in Cannon Photography, but he is the director behind many music videos shot In his area. In addition to his brother, Blacc Benni, Ju has worked with upcoming artists such as Cartel Zeke and Chris Garza along with many others, to bring their vision to life. It has gotten him a reputation of exceeding expectations, as well as brought plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his skill. His cover art concepts have helped many artists present their music on digital streaming platforms, social media, and other distribution outlets. 

There is no doubt about it: Ju is headed for greatness and is already well on his way. If not working diligently to complete a project or spending time with his beautiful family, Ju can most likely be found in the gym. It’s no secret that “Ju” and “Gym” go together like “cereal” and “milk”. The consistency he applies to his routine is the same consistency he instills in his work, and is making him a household name, one project at a time. 

It is an honor to call Ju a member of The No Offense Network and he is certainly a very valuable member of the team. This is why he has made the cover of this issue, and we look forward to seeing the continued growth and success of this talented, but also skilled, entrepreneur. Here’s to you, Ju!

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