Leah Star – What’s a Star to do but Shine?

Catch our exclusive interview witb Leah Star, The No Offense Network Spokesmodel, below. Catch Leah on the cover of No Offense Magazine Spring 2024!


Earning a name in the world of modeling is no mean feat, and doing so while juggling multiple other roles is even more challenging. Yet, Leah Star has managed to do exactly that. An accomplished model, self-taught pianist, and successful entrepreneur, Leah’s journey is a testament to her resilience, passion, and determination.

“Modeling has always been an exciting part of my journey,” Leah shared during our candid conversation. Her passion for modeling is evident in her words, but what’s even more intriguing is her multifaceted personality. Beyond the glamour of the modeling world, Leah has a deep-rooted love for music. As a self-taught pianist, she has channeled her passion for music into her art. “Certain things inspire me,” she confessed, “Music has always been one of them.”

Yet, Leah’s talents extend beyond modeling and music. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Leah has successfully built a cleaning business from scratch. “What are my talents that could potentially be a source of income that not a million people are doing?” she mused. Her determination and business acumen shine through in her entrepreneurial ventures, demonstrating her versatility.

Throughout the interview, Leah emphasized the importance of personal growth and self-discovery. She openly shared, “It took a lot of lessons to love myself, to figure out really who I am, what do I want, things like that.” Her candid confession provides a glimpse into her personal journey and her commitment to self-improvement.

Looking ahead, Leah has her sights set on revamping her clothing line, Spark Up. “I’m revamping some things with that so I can release it and put up a website for you all to make purchases,” she revealed. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision are indeed inspiring.

As for her personal aspirations, Leah is focused on exploring new horizons. “I want to travel more, model, step out of my comfort zone more,” she said. Her plans also include exploring her passion for gymnastics and venturing into new domains in modeling.

Leah Star is not just a model, but a woman of many talents. Her journey is an inspiring tale of resilience, growth, and relentless pursuit of passion. As we concluded our conversation, it was clear that Leah is a force to be reckoned with and a star that continues to shine brighter with each passing day.

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