Meet Jarmain Walton: The Man Behind Glizzey’s Food Hut


In the heart of Harlingen, Texas, at 3131 Wilson Road, lies a hidden gem that carries within it the soul and flavor of the community. Known as Glizzey’s Food Hut, it’s more than just a food stand. It’s a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit of its owner, Jarmain Walton.

Jarmain is a man of many talents. Not originally from Harlingen, his journey saw him traverse across the country before settling here in 2018. “My travels brought me all across the country, and I landed here in Harlingen, 2018,” Jarmain shared. His past professional life as a safety manager doing windmill projects in Rio Hondo seems a far cry from his current venture. But as he would put it, “The food will get you every time.”

Yet, Jarmain isn’t just an entrepreneur. He’s an independent recording artist and owner of a record label himself, Mudd City Entertainment. He understands the power of community and the importance of giving back. He recently donated hot dogs for a drive for the homeless organized by Pipe Gang Entertainment. “And to see he giving back to the community, I’m like, bro, he contacted me. Somebody told him about my establishment, and he hit me on Instagram, and I was like, yo, I’m all for that,” Walton said.

Glizzey’s Food Hut is more than a business to Jarmain. It’s a place that brings people together, a place that connects him to his community. “That’s one of the things I really love about my job, is I get to network with people like yourself, and I get to meet a lot of the people I wouldn’t have never met by being stuck in an office or out in the field doing what I used to do,” he said.

Glizzy's Food Hut

So, next time you’re in Harlingen, make a stop at Glizzey’s Food Hut. As Jarmain would say, “We’re located at 3131 Wilson Road, and our phone number is 956-224-8217. I always suggest that people call their orders in because I can get to that ASAP, and sometimes it gets a little overwhelming with me just being in here.”

Jarmain Walton is more than just a business owner. He’s an integral part of the Harlingen community, a man who uses his passion for food and music to bring people together. He serves up a hearty dose of hospitality with every hot dog, reminding us all of the power of community and the magic that happens when you follow your dreams.

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