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Shar’Ron: An Independent Soul Singing Her Life’s Journey

In the realm of independent music, the road to success is a serpentine path, filled with obstacles, challenges, and endless lessons. This journey has been embraced by the indomitable spirit that is Shar’Ron, an artist who has found her voice echoing the stories of her life through her music. In a recent interview, Shar’Ron shared insights into her musical journey, her inspirations, and her vision.

Shar’Ron’s musical influences are as diverse as they are classic. The list reads like a roll call of music legends: Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, Barry White, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Tank, and Summer Walker. Drawn to old school R&B, she finds inspiration in their rich storytelling – a tradition she follows in her own music.

The path to songwriting was an organic one for Shar’Ron. Encouraged by a friend, she discovered that she could create an entire song from a single hook she had sung. This revelation came in San Antonio, Texas, a place that introduced her to the music industry and a vibrant community of musicians.

Shar’Ron’s music is more than just a creative outlet; it’s an opportunity to share her narrative. “I want to tell you my story,” she says, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and connection in her music. She believes in creating music that matters and resonates with listeners on a profound level.

In the world of independent music, Shar’Ron has learned the importance of self-reliance. When asked about her thoughts on signing with a big label, she was clear: she prefers to remain independent. She understands the significance of marketing her music and has received advice from other artists about the necessity of self-promotion.

Shar’Ron’s vision for her future performances reflects her dedication to fellow artists. She dreams of hosting a big show for local R&B artists, providing a platform for those with stories to tell and music to share.

Shar’Ron also mentioned her excitement about her upcoming projects. Working with her producer and engineer, DJ Banks, she anticipates releasing new music soon, which includes songs titled “Paradise” and “It’s My Time.”

The journey of Shar’Ron is a testament to the power of an independent artist with a vision. Her dedication to her craft, her commitment to authenticity, and her love for storytelling through music makes her a unique voice in the world of R&B. In her words and her music, Shar’Ron reminds us that every artist is not just a performer but a storyteller, weaving narratives of their experiences, their dreams, and their truth. As she continues her musical journey, Shar’Ron is an artist to watch, a singer with a story to tell.

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