Is Beef (Diss Records) Reviving HipHop?

Looks like “beefing” has once again ignited the competition in HipHop. The latest to take advantage of this trend is is the collection known as “The Big 3”, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and J Cole. But they aren’t the only ones…

The Big 3 beef
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The biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far has also threw his hat into the ring. Huh!

Rick Ross
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Direct or Indirect? That is the question….

So what qualifies an artist the right to initiate a “beef”? Certainly just being mentioned in someone’s lyrics, directly or indirectly, can’t immediately pull you into the world of rude, often very disrespectful, lyrical displays of humiliation, or can it?

When it comes to the disrespect, there are levels. Ultimately, I believe whichever artists is willing to swing the lowest is the victor. Dissing comes in many forms. Some artists feel if the track doesn’t specifically mention a name, then it’s just hot air. Others apply ingenuity in their approach, using clever metaphors and similes to vividly immerse the listener into the vocal assassinations.

Beef = $$$?

Either way, one thing cannot be denied: it grabs the attention of music listeners everywhere. It appears to be a catalyst of conversations everywhere, with fans debating the technical details of each “response”, who won, and why the winner deserves the crown.

Historically, even in HipHop’s young age, there have been times that beefs have gone violent. Not that human beings need additional reasons to commit atrocities to each other, there have been instances where some have lost their lives due to perceived sneak disses, sensitive reveals of confidential information, and at times, just repeating lyrics and not knowing the meaning behind them.

Thankfully there are other beefs that have been resolved after some time. Once squashed, most fans would agree the result of the initial misunderstanding itself, was some amazing music. At times, some fans were introduced to artists due to fact their favorite artist was dissing the other person, or vice versa. I actually started to listening to Gucci Mane back in the day due to the beef he had with Young Jeezy.

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