What makes a person a great “friend”?

Life is full of ups and downs. It’s almost undeniable that at times enjoying moments with others enhances the experience. When referring to those who were present at the creation of these memories we tend to describe them as “friends”, but what truly defines the term?

Multiethnic friends having fun on a holiday. Women enjoying vacation piggy riding on male friends.

As a boy, my parents used to remind me often,”Everyone is not your friend!”. Later in life, I realized the wisdom they were trying to teach me so young. Tough situations pressure those involved to evaluate relationships. Most times, and it’s definitely more prevalent in kids, the people who you spend the most time with, you do out of lack of choice.

Think about the classmates, family members, kids from the neighborhood, after school programs, and teammates. If you were given a choice of where to be in that time, can you honestly say you wouldn’t have been elsewhere? Would it stand to reason that these shared moments were results of happenstance with people you were in close proximity to at that particular time?

What about coworkers? Sure we all have our favorites, but how often is a natural friendship born in the workplace? Is it true friendship, or is there just some commonalities that you all may share due to having to perform the same duties and interact with the same people?

So how do your recognize a “friend”?

Now, think about some of the hardest experiences you have lived through and if you voluntarily positioned yourself to be there. Were there people there in those moments that you are still close with today? Have you shared more than one of these moments? This may be a real friend.

Do they get excited about your success and celebrate with you? Are they eager to introduce you and the services you provide to others? Do they always have an encouraging word when you need it? Do they make you feel valued and appreciated?

Or do they rarely show up when you need them? Dp they make mean statements and laugh it off as a joke? Are they always putting doubt into every situation or idea you mention? These are signs that you should take note of as they happen.

A “friendship” should be a mutually beneficial relationship. The benefits don’t always have to be instantly gratified, either. As long as both parties are able to introduce positive growth, communication, nourishment of self, and room to discover the best versions of all involved, then the arrangement may result in a solid friendship.

One thing that cannot be denied is the fact that true, sincere friendship is rare, and not easily discovered, or replaced. So if you should stumble upon one, treat it carefully, as some may never find it all.

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