The Advantage of Being the Underdog

Have you ever been severely underestimated? At times it can almost feel like an insult. For people to assume that you possess less than what it takes to get the job done can be a disappointing interaction, if you allow it to bring your confidence to a low level. But did you know there is an advantage to being the underdog?

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When people underestimate you, they put themselves at a disadvantage, especially if there is no proof to back up their beliefs. But what makes them jump to this conclusion? It goes without saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, and by them doing this they already open the door for you to blow them out of the water. Here’s how to do it.

If they believe you are dumb, play dumb. If they set the expectation that they don’t expect you to complete the mission well, act as if you are really struggling. Make sure your results speak for themselves, and correct their expectations. Many times, if people truly believe you don’t get the concept, they are willing to dedicate more time to making sure you understand, allowing you to see the extent of their knowledge. Once you have a solid grasps of the expected results, be sure to exceed them.

In this instance, you will look like a fast, eager learner. By the time they understand your level of comprehension, they will have already realized their mistake. The underdog would have become the champion!

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